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Cell Phones Prepaid Refills Anderson SC at AndersonCell 302 Pearman Dairy Rd, Anderson SC 29625

Pageplus customers need to come to the store!!



Due to Pageplus's recent changes we are transitioning ALL pageplus customers to Selectel Wireless. Selectel offers the same great network coverage on Verizon towers along with US based support and no more crazy problems.

The changeover does not cost you anything extra. Even if you need a new sim, which you would if you have a 4G device, AndersonCell will cover that cost for you!

All we need you to do is come to the store with any devices that you may have hooked up tp pageplus so we can quickly change you over. 

You can even keep your current number at no extra charge. Typically each device takes 20 minutes or so to changeover.

Lastly, try to do this changeover right before your pageplus bill is due to be paid again, BUT remember to keep your current number your phone must still be on and making phone calls thru pageplus.

Thank you!

Joey Stubblefield